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How We Can Help

For Business :: Keeping you open for business.

If you've decided that a fresh new look will positively impact your customers, but closing your doors is not an option - Then 1st Rate Master Painters & Decorators will plan your project around your normal business hours. We're here to make it happen.

For Property Owners :: Want to redecorate, but don't know where to start?

Redecorating can be a mammoth undertaking. Not only do you have to make unfamiliar decisions, but, they're decisions that you will have to live with for a number of years to come. You will benefit by drawing on our in-depth knowledge of colour schemes and painting systems.




What We Do.


  • We can show you market leading colour scheme ideas, together with our 1st Rate colour schemes guide.
  • We can even supply you with free samples of your favourite colours.


  • Skimming and plastering.
  • Water blasting and chem washing.
  • Minor repairs and repairing of damaged surfaces.
  • Filling and repairing of holes.
  • Graffiti removal


  • Interior and exterior painting.
  • Wall paper hanging.

Long-term Maintenance

  • Planned maintenance to help your paint work last longer.
  • Touch up service to repair scratches and dents to paint work or wallpaper.


Our Knowledge

Want the right answer without the complication?

There's nothing worse than talking through an issue with a service provider, thinking you've both got it sorted, only to find half way through the project- that you were both on different pages. And that folks, is where the renovation horror stories stem from.

Fortunately,1st Rate Master Painters & Decorators have this angle covered:

Willy, your Project Manager

  • Is a qualified, knowledgeable Master Painter and Decorator with industry relevant experience.
  • While he might not give you a quick answer, because he doesn't like them half baked - He will take his time, give the matter some serious thought and give you the right answer.
  • In fact, he's a bit of a ' go-to-man' when other painters need a technical answer. Here are some questions painters from other companies have asked him to solve:
    (a)Why do you use different primer for different wood?
    (b)How can you eliminate excessive brush marks?
    (c)How do you see the real colour of paint in different angles of light?
    (d)What temperature do you apply paint to make sure you get your guarantee?

Afina, your Quality Assurance Manager

  • Has over a decade of customer service experience. She has recruited and trained bank staff and even written a training manual. In terms of your decorating project, Afina can break it down, clearly document it and ensure everyone is reading from the same page.
  • But if its colour schemes and decorating advice you want - then you'll find that Afina has a natural passion in this field. Afina has studied at Nanette Cameron's Auckland based Interior Design School and is a member of the school's Interior Design Guild.

To back up our higher levels of quality and decorating support our service standards provide a sound foundation for peace of mind and assurance.


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