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Recommendation from the Master Painters Association of New Zealand:

Dear Customer
Thank you for choosing to use a member of a Master Painters New Zealand affiliated Association.

It is our aim as the professional body to ensure the highest standards of quality workmanship and professionalism are upheld by our members at all times. This extends through to the financial aspects of the contract.

We encourage and highly recommend the use of ESCROW.

This term may be new to you but it will provide you with added protection when paying money in advance for goods or services provided by members of our associations. At the same time escrow provides certainty of payment for your painter.

We believe it is fair trading for both parties and it certainly increases the likely hood of expectations being met on both sides.

Depending on the size of the project you will be asked to pay either the full contract sum, or an agreed percentage at agreed times before work starts or continues into a bank account held under the custody of the Public Trust. The Public Trust is a Crown owned entity and provides a Government Guarantee of Independence.

Once the work is done or agreed stages completed and the painting contract terms are fulfilled you will be asked to release the funds either in full or in line with the agreed terms. This whole process is managed online and independently by SafeKiwi (New Zealand) Limited for both parties. Either you or your painter may instigate the online escrow transaction.

In the unlikely event of a difference or dispute the money held in escrow remains neutral territory until agreement is reached by both parties. This may involve an independent mediator if necessary.

source: Master Painters Association of New Zealand


How Safekiwi works:



Source: Safekiwi

:Public Trust Logo SafeKiwi LogoMaster Painters Logo5 Year Guarantee


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