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Meeting Your Needs

  • Most websites for painting and decorating companies bore you with technical detail and really bad jargon.

    We just want you to know that we're really good at doing our jobs and care about offering you a 1st Rate service.

Don't Worry. It's Covered


There's nothing worse than talking through an issue with a service provider, thinking you've both got it sorted, only to find out later that you were both on different pages.

Find out why this won't happen with your 1st Rate Master Painters & Decorators .



Are 1st Rate Any Good?


Our customers say we are excellent at meeting deadlines, awesome at producing quality, very reliable and committed to achieving project results.

How about getting to know your 1st Rate Master Painters & Decorators team.


Do 1st Rate Use Quality Products?


This is a question that everybody has been taught to ask. It always takes us a bit by surprise - But then we have to remember that there are unsavory types of people out there.

So we've layed out our Quality Assurance Standards. We hope this will be the foundation for a trust filled relationship between you and ourselves.







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