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Aromatherapy Tip

A quick Tip for Your Business

Samsung, Recruiting Smell for the Hard Sell
According to New Scientist Magazine, Samsung has experimented with what it calls coercive atmospherics:
“The air in Samsung's flagship electronics store on the upper west side of Manhattan smells like honeydew melon. It is barely perceptible but, together with the soft, constantly morphing light scheme, the scent gives the store a blissfully relaxed, tropical feel.
The fragrance is the company's signature scent and is being pumped out from hidden devices in the ceiling. Consumers roam the showroom unaware that they are being seduced not just via their eyes and ears but also by their noses”.

Shop Display Tip

Imagery that reinforces your sales message

Recently, while having a catch up with a colleague, who is a business coach, we discussed the unique selling points of the sushi bar we were happily lingering in.

He mentioned, that because the sushi bar was positioned amongst a number of take-aways, the owners would be wise to reinforce the fact that they arethe healthy choice’.



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Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology, an effective business tool

Understanding how to apply the psychology of colour to positively affect the emotions of your consumer can be an immensely effective business tool.
Colour stimulates the senses and instantly conveys a message like no other method of communication.

Colour grabs attention

Colour can be used to grab attention, project professionalism, to gain authority, and much more. It can help you to project a desired image.
Colour plays a huge role in memory recall.

How Particular colours influence

One of the easiest ways to employ colour psychology is through our surroundings. You will find that particular colours will influence the way people see and relate to your business.
In this issue we look at how the colour Green can have a positive effect within your business or office environment.

Green paints a picture

In general, we see green as representing freshness, health and tranquility. However, this can vary with its many shades. Darker greens can mean wealth or influence, while lighter greens have a calming quality.
A backstage green room is used to calm nervousness prior to people appearing on TV. Green is also used in hospitals for calming the nerves of patients and surgical staff

Green in interiors

Green is a versatile color for interior decorating, Not only does it compliment every colour of the rainbow, but it also acts as a neutral colour. Green is both elegant and wealthy when matched with velvets and silks.It is successful when another colour is used to accent it.

Types of businesses using green

Green does not commonly compliment skin tone. Therefore it may not be wise to use it in retail stores featuring beauty, hair or clothing products.
However it does work well in busy areas where you need to set a calming tone, 1st image.

Image 1 Image 2

, you can see that bright green adds a crisp effect while balancing the bold red in this featured learning environment, 2nd image.  

What does Green mean to you?

Listed below are Meanings and Associations for the colour Green.
How many of these descriptions do you perceive as relating to images 1and 2?
Life, Growth, Nature, Environment,
Health, Harmony, Balancing, Rejuvenating,
Tranquil, Relaxing, Restful, Calming, Soothing,
Refreshing, Cooling, Crisp,
Zeal, Wealth, Elegance,
Reassuring, Security.

Using color to your advantage

As you can see, emotional interpretations of color can be used to psychological advantage within your business or office environment.
1st Rate Painting & Decorating Specialists can help you to stand out from your competition.
We work with you in creating an environment that your customer's will subconsciously respond to. Please phone 1st Rate Master Painters & Decorators for your complimentary consultation today! Ph (09) 83 22 313

Shop Display Tip cont..

Imagery that reinforces your sales message

cont from above....While the sushi bar owners had taken the initiative to print imagery that promoted sushi they had not utilised the opportunity to bring their message home.

fig1. fig 2.

fig 1. Leaves the imagery open to interpretation. fig 2. Makes the seller’s message clear.

Surrounded by their competition a clear message individualises and highlights their unique selling point. 




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